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April 27, 2021

5 Best Air Conditioners Brands in India

Topic: 5 Best Air Conditioners Brands in India 2021

If you are looking for a post where you can find all the 5 Best Air Conditioners Brands in India who are manufacturing air conditioners in India or you can say Best 5 Indian brand air conditioners then you are at right place means may help you in this task. So lets gets started…

You will love to hear that 5 Best Air Conditioners Brands in India or on another platform is coming from Indian company Voltas. it is a sub brand of tata group.

Few facts you should know before buying AC

Mostly persons think Air conditioner consumes more electricity as compared to other appliances but don’t worry guys about electricity bill because Indian air-conditioners maker now focusing on energy efficient air conditioners and electricity cut-out is not new in India. Right? That’s why Indian brands are manufacturing air conditioner which can work on inverters as well as an alternative current…

Air conditioner is a thing that’s not afforded by everyone’s pocket and of course in India air-conditioner is a status symbol instead of a cooling machine 🙂 but I Can help you in saving some perks. First of all, you need to choose the type of air conditioner you need at your home. I mean split air conditioner or window air conditioner if you already selected or know which is better for your home or apartment or flat then it’s time to choose how high ton AC actually need for your room or floor. Usually in India people prefer to buy 1.5 ton AC with no infer, but that’s not the splendid idea.

Air conditioners in India start with 0.5 ton and believe me that’s just the waste of money ok let me come back to the point if you have a small room then just go for 1.0 Ton it’s enough if you have a drawing room of a middle size then go for 1.5 Ton or 2 Ton.


voltas ac


As we said earlier Voltas is a leading brand in India. One thing you should know about Voltas is, It is a collaboration between Tata and Volkart. Voltas is making Ac’s up to 5 star and 1.5 Ton. Also Voltas limited company is specializing in cooling technology and air conditioning. The project group and international operations Business group. Tata group well known for their business consulting company TCS.

Voltas is a well-known brand and most trust worthy not just because they are Indian also because we relate them with name of trust TATA. this brand gives you best after sales service and you will never regret on your decisions because all the AC parts are easily available in Indian market.

Why we should choose Voltas

  • Most selling brand in India
  • Budget friendly
  • Higher ISEER VALUE
  • Easy availability of parts
  • Trusted by millions
  • Good after sales service


godrej ac


Most popular Godrej Group was founded in 1897 by Ardeshir and Pirojsha Godrej. Today they own many industries and yes air conditioning is one of them. Air conditioners from house of Godrej are most popular for their design and ISEER value. Godrej air conditioners comes with the ISEER value of 6.15 and that’s the reason why Godrej cooling machines are energy efficient. If you are going online, and search for Godrej review you may not find a single unhappy customer. Now this Indian brand has about 10% market share in India and if they will get more support of Indian consumers, then it may get 20% market share in financial year 2021-22.

Why we should choose Godrej

  • Silent operation as compared to its competitors
  • Budget friendly
  • Inbuilt dust and air filter
  • Zero Ozone depletion potential
  • Energy efficient
  • Higher cooling efficiency
  • I feel technology
  • 100% copper

Blue star

blue star ac


They started Indian brand Blue star Pvt ltd in 1943 by Mr. Adwani with two employees and just 2000 rupees in pocket and everyone know Bluestar is one of the most premium brand in India. Blue star is trusted by Indian Pvt sector and you usually see Bluestar in offices and banks, that’s the reason behind its popularity. Not only in India Blue star also well-known brand in US, Australia, Europe and few more countries.

Why we should choose blue star

  • Premium brand
  • Indian brand
  • Designed for Indian climates
  • long lasting


mitashi ac


Indian company Mitashi was founded by Rakesh Dugar and Hasmukh Gada in 1998. Mitashi is new in this field but it is suggested by many tech influencers and they use it personally. Their sells figure is not showing well just because of its competitors. One thing you should know about Mitashi is they only split A.C, but they offer up to 5 year warranty of selected models. their USP is 100% copper pipe (according to their website) but all it’s competitor already giving that without saying USP.

Why we should choose Mitashi

  • R-32 refringent*
  • 100% copper pipe
  • Up to 5 year warranty


onida ac

Onida split AC

Started in 1981 by Mr. Mirchandani, Onida is one of the reputed brands who make TV’s in India. Now Onida introduce their Air conditioners in India with I-cool technology. As per their claim, Onida A.C can automatically control climate. Also, they offer 5-speed manual cooling features in there A C’s. Sadly, Onida is not getting sales as their competitors get.

Why we should choose Onida

  • I-cool technology
  • copper condenser
  • Turbo Mode

I hope guys this blog may help you in choosing right 5 Best Air Conditioners brands in India. If you have any suggestion, you can write us to