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  • Split AC: 1.5 Ton Hot & Cold Split Air Conditioner with 4 Way Swing with Inverter compressor: Suitable for medium sized rooms (111 to 150 sq ft) 
  • Energy Rating 4 Star: High energy efficiency. Annual Energy Consumption: 939.63 Units per Year; ISEER Value: 4.2 (Please refer energy label on product page or contact brand for more details)
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Comprehensive), 10 Years (Compressor with Gas Charging *T&C Apply)
  • Gold Fin Condenser: Ensure more resistance to corrosion & extend durability of the heat exchange for a much longer period.
  • Refrigerant gas: R32 – Environmental friendly – has zero ODP & lower GWP compared to other refrigerants.
  • IDU dimension: 99.9 (W)x 33.0 (H) x 21.0 (D) (cms), ODU dimension: 77.0 (W) x 54.5 (H) x 28.8 (D) (cms) & IDU Weight (11.0 kg) and ODU Weight (34.3 kg).
  • Package Contents: 1 Indoor Unit, 1 Outdoor Unit, Inter Connecting Pipe, 1 Remote, 1 Manuals, 1 Warranty Card, 2 Batteries and Inter connecting wire.
  • Special Features: Cooling & Heating, Ez Clean Filter, Ocean Black Protection, Comfort Air, Magic Display, Copper Installation Kit, Low Refrigerant Detection, Sleep mode, Auto Clean & Stabilizer Free Operation (145-290V), Ez Clean Filter & Fresh Dry.
  • Double Filtration system ensures that the air inside your home is free of various harmful particles.


LG 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Hot & Cold Split AC

Cools Fast and Saves More

Hot days are never met with LG Air Conditioners. Thanks to its faster cooling technology that saves your electricity.

Exceptionally Durable

Made for Indian regions, highly affected from sand, salt, industrial smoke and pollutants. It ensures an extended lifespan with low operation cost.

Hot and Cold Air

Deliver comfortable air throughout summers, winters and everything else.

Increase Life Span

LG Air Conditioner are designed to detect low refrigerant levels which can leave the room hot and uncomfortable.

Long Life

Life is long for an LG AC. Thanks to its anti-corrosive condenser that can withstand salty air, rain, dust and other corrosive elements

Goodbye Humidity, Hello Monsoon

It will rain outside, but it won’t be humid inside. Get comfortable cooling and save great energy.

Around You! Not on You

Air that blows in your room not on your face. That’s comfort Air, just set a position for your vane and let it sway.

Block Bacteria or Mold

Just Turn on Auto Clean and your heat exchanger will dry. So there’s no scope of bacteria and mold forming in it.

Go Wireless

Stabilizer free Operation protects the vital components of the machine from power fluctuations . With this function, installing a stabilizer becomes needless (145~290V). However, if power fluctuation is beyond the mentioned limit then a stabilizer is required

R32 Refrigerant

R32 is a highly efficient refrigerant with a lower global warming potential as compared to R410A, a commonly found refrigerant in residential air conditioners.

Smart Diagnosis

Conveniently checks and troubleshoots problems of the AC directly through the LG Smart ThinQ App on your Smartphone.

Cools at 52˚C

LG’s superior technology of DUALCOOL Inverter keeps the house comfortably cool even when the temperature outside rises to an extreme of 52˚C.

Stay comfortable and cool with all new LG KS-H18DNYD 4 star rated hot and cold split air conditioner with auto clean that’s prevent bacteria or mold from breeding and eliminate potential odors from your AC. It has unique feature Hot & Cold delivering comfortable air throughout summers, winters & monsoons. It’s time to get rid of old trends of changing appliances according to weather and enter new age of technology, one and for all.

Other features include – DUAL Inverter Compressor with Varied Speed Dual Rotary Motor has a wider rotational frequency which saves more energy along with higher speed cooling range. Come with the 4Way air swing function (up-down + right-left) which blows the cool air in multiple directions to ensure thorough cooling inside the room.

Inspired from the ambience in the Himalayas, comes with Himalaya Cool technology that replicate hill station feel of the Himalayas at the home itself. Uses the latest R32 refrigerant gas which is environment-friendly and makes sure that you do not contribute to global warming while staying cool.

Low refrigerant detection has several benefits while trouble shooting or increasing durability which in return increase air conditioner life. Special ocean black protection applied to both indoor & outdoor unit provide exceptional durability for the air conditioner in typical Indian regions affected from sand, salt, industrial smoke and pollutant.

10 years warranty on compressor assures longer efficient life of the Air Conditioner.

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